The NPFL Live App and Bias Officiating of the game

Bendel Insurance 2-0 Shooting Stars

The NPFL Live App and Bias Officiating of the game

The game had been won and lost and we look forward to the next game, which is a home fixture against Gombe United.

However, there are some issues that I believe the media should discuss, if truly we want the league to improve.

We need to find out why it was only in Benin that the NPFL live app failed to work.

It was used in eight venues, including Ibadan, it worked without any hitch during Matchday one, it worked in both Kano and Gombe, on Matchday two, why only Benin?

I could remember some people saying before now, that this issue of match streaming by the NPFL could be used to work against some teams and to favour some teams.

During the pre match meeting between Bendel Insurance and Shooting Stars, the Match Commissioner, said he won't allow any of the two teams to livestream  the game based on the rules of the NPFL, which forbids live streaming any club.

He even said none of the two sides would be allowed to record the game but this was resolved after explanations.

Going by the poor headling of the match by the match officials, of course which football watchers could not see, due to the failure of the NPFL live app to work, one could argue that this might have been deliberated arranged.

Knowing fully well that the match was not been live streamed, the referee and his assistants threw fair play to the wind, giving Bendel United undue advantage over the Oluyole Warriors.

Although there was no question with the first goal, which was an own goal, the move leading to the second goal was clearly controversial as a 3SC player, Ayobami Junior was glaringly fouled but the referee pretended as if nothing happened.

That was just one out of the many controversial moments of the game.

It is just two weeks into the new season and we are already having issues with the NPFL live streaming app. One wonders how many controversial moments we are going to have with the issue of the app.

Stopping clubs from live streaming their game and having your so called app, failing to work will only cause more harm than good to the league.

We need to ask questions.

I'm not trying to give excuses for our loss in Benin, but just to bring our attention to what really transpired in the encounter. What a big shame.
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